Monday, December 16, 2013

The Mighty Winds of Change

December 16, 2013
Snowflake Temple Trip
 MAN! There is no where I would rather be. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Whiteriver, Arizona. Each day is such an adventure and full of miracles. We had a lot of success this week. Most families that we are working with keep doing better and better. The highlight of this week was seeing this family I have been working with since I got here at Church yesterday! It was so sweet to see them walk in the door after not attending for over 30 years. It’s amazing how my happiness and frustrations all have to do with the decisions of others.

Yesterday was so sweet. There was just a great spirit about church yesterday. All of us missionaries felt it. This branch is transforming so quickly! We can just see the testimonies and the desires to do what is right grow stronger and stronger each in each and every one that attends. Especially the youth, it is amazing looking from the outside in, how hard it is to do good and how easy evil is to do, especially in high school. It’s amazing how important having a good group of friends is. So as missionaries, that is why we have tried so hard to build the relationship of the youth with each other. They seem to set the example for the rest of the branch! It’s pretty neat to watch people and an entire branch change so drastically right in front of you!

Earlier we had a sweet experience, after seminary, one of the young men came and talked to us and was telling us how hard his week had been and how frustrated he was with some things, one of which was that his I-pod was stolen. He asked for a blessing and we gave him one right there. The very next day, he told us after seminary that EVERY single thing that had gone wrong that week was fixed, resolved, and even his I-pod was returned to the front office! What a miracle and he completely deserved those blessings! He has such strong faith and he inspires me to do better! GOD IS GREAT!

 I am excited, but not excited for next Sunday. I am so excited because we are doing a Christmas program for Sacrament meeting and a lunch after church! Which will be great, but I am so nervous because I was asked to play all the Christmas songs for the program..... on the piano.... in front of everyone. I like to practice the piano on Sundays before anyone gets to church, but the branch president came early and heard me... there is only one brother who can play in the branch and he is going to out of town next week, so I was voluntold to do it. aahhhhhhhhhhh... I have never played in front of people and am so nervous... so please send your prayers this way!

Well I hope all is well with everyone! I love you all and I love Jesus!

Elder Clark

The following pictures are an Elder and Sister that come from the Centreville Stake. They are both serving in the same mission as Sam. Just another example of how it is a small world, spiritually speaking. 

Elder Walter and Elder Clark

Sister Evans, Elder Clark and Elder Walter

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