Friday, September 19, 2014

Strangers in a Strange Land

September 15, 2014

Holy Cow... This week was probably the most tiring week of my mission. We quickly found out that our area is gigantic. I think it’s at least 4 times bigger than Recanto Das Emas. This week was a lot of walking and getting lost and walking some more. haha But I love this area already. I think it’ll take a little more time to really know the area but it’s coming quickly. The Ward we are serving in has 2 sets of missionaries; One set works in the middle of the city of Taguatinga while we work just outside the City in what is kind of like the suburbs of the city. Its name is Vincent Pires. And it feels like Beverly Hills here. The houses are crazy big, like there are a lot of mansions here. The people here are very well off, which makes our work a little difficult because nobody is home during the day because they are working and nobody is on the streets for us to talk to because they all have cars. BUT the ward and members here are incredible! They are all really excited about missionary work and are helping us a whole lot. This week we spent a lot of time meeting the members and getting to know the area. 

So officially my soccer team here is São Paulo... Brasilia doesn’t have a professional team and a family here convinced me to be a fan of São Paulo... and gave me a tie pin of the team’s symbol! haha so officially I am a fan of São Paulo... even though I have never even seen them play a game...
We are basically started from nothing here so we don’t have a whole lot of people to teach right now but we have one woman that we are working with that has already gone to church a couple times and has already gone to a lot of activities of the church and she is loving it. She is just real busy so it’s hard to schedule with here but we have a lesson with her tonight!

Here is a funny story about how small the world is in the church. Hey Dad, did you know you met my companion about two years ago? haha We were talking about what our parents do for work and I told him about what dad does and that he has traveled to Chicago and visits seminary classes there. My companion is from Chicago and he said once in seminary, a man visited in a real nice suit and sat next to him during seminary. The man asked him what his name was and if he liked his seminary teacher. He like his teacher.... haha Later I showed Elder Magana a picture of Dad and Elder Magana said that he was the man who visited! How about that Dad... you met my companion 2 years before I did... hahah it’s a small world spiritually speaking.

I don’t have much more to report! We are just working and trying to get on our feet. We are learning, walking and getting lost a whole lot but we are happy! Love you all!

Elder Clark
Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad!

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