Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And The Rains Came Down

Feb 9, 2015

I can’t believe I am already writing another email. Time is passing unbelievably fast now and there is no way to stop it. I can’t believe we only have 2 more weeks in this transfer and it’s already February! This week the weather was completely opposite than it has been. Today people are walking around in sweaters and umbrellas because the last couple of days it has been raining like crazy and we just end up with soaked feet! haha They look like little white raisins at the end of each day!

We haven't been having a lot of success here with people to teach and so we decided to just go all out and knock doors until our hands fall off. It was amazing how fast knocking doors got old. NOBODY wanted to talk to us. It’s crazy, no one here likes to say no, so they always have another excuse, or they give you their information but the next time you pass by the hide! It was getting terribly frustrating, but the Lord is sweet. During my nightly prayers, I ask God if he would lead us to at least 1 person that would receive us and let us enter their home, just one! That's all I needed. The next day we started knocking doors.... and it was even worse than before! People were being rude and rejecting us left and right. We finally decided to pass by our investigator Adrielle, who I talked about last week, AND who will be baptized in 2 weeks!  As we were going to her house we passed by another house that I just decided to knock on, I don't know why, I just went to this house without hesitating.  A woman opened the door for us and was very kind and talkative. She was very interested in whom we were and she invited us to come in!! It was a direct answer to my prayer! The Lord led us to a beautiful family of a husband and wife with their 3 children! They love the idea of eternal families and are very receptive to us!

The Lord is so kind, and we have found many more people to teach after that moment. We just have to have the faith and work under the Lords time, not our own. We are having more and more success here in Planaltina. Take a guess at how many people we had yesterday at church. 105!!! We were totally worried that no one would come because it was cold and rainy and lots of people walk or take the bus. But they came! It was a great meeting block and we heard many powerful testimonies about the temple, because, last week they took a trip to São Paulo to the temple!

Oh, and for the last couple of weeks I have been playing the piano every Sunday...I still get way nervous but once again the Lords hand is in all things and I am able to play better and better each week! I love the Lord and I love his work! I just need to find a way to slow down the time. I love you all!

Elder Clark

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