Monday, July 27, 2015

A Birthday to Remember!

July 20, 2015

A "do it yourself"  kind of lunch!

This week was a wonderful week compared to last week. Man oh man... It was a lot of fun and we were also able to accomplish a whole lot! We found some beautiful families that accepted our visits and we were able to help some other investigators make one more step towards baptism! The biggest blessing is that we were able to find men who wanted to hear us too! I think one thing that I have learned one my mission is that women have more faith... I hate to say it being a man but it has been the hardest thing to find men who want to hear us, but this week the Lord blessed us with that success. Which left us very excited because in the weeks to come the church will grow a whole lot in little Padre Bernardo.

One family that sticks out is that of Roni and Flavia... They are the perfect couple. I have never seen a couple more simple but more happy than they are. And they just understand everything we say and leave with them. I am so sad that I won’t see them be baptized because they have to get married first. But man, they are going to be such a blessing for the church here. I have never seen anyone that works as hard as Roni, from 7 in the morning until 8:30 at night, every day, with only one day off every 2 weeks. He is so happy. One thing that amazes me is that when we visit them 8:30 at night, he has just arrived from working all day and he takes their new born baby in his arms to give his wife a rest because she had been holding him the entire day.....Roni is the man.

We had a baptism on my birthday! Jaqueline was baptized! It was a very special baptism. Jaqueline is the daughter of one of oldest investigators, Carina. Their family has become a second family to us here. Carina loves the church and is one that just understands everything too.  She will be baptized soon. But her 17 year old daughter decided that she didn’t want to wait for her mom and so she went ahead and was baptized! This family has had miraculous changes in their lives. After Jaqueline’s baptism, we were able to teach her step dad, who didn’t want anything to do with us before. One more man that God gave us to teach! Carina has 4 other children that have been going to church and one more child of hers will be baptized next week! Once again, I am sad that I won’t see the baptism of Carina. But, I am super happy that I was able to participate in the first baptism of her family. The best part of it all was when we had a BBQ after the baptism and her whole family was around the yard talking and goofing around, and she said out loud, (I don’t know if she knows that I heard) looking around at her children “Everything is going to change” in a very satisfied voice… I love the mission.

My birthday was great! I had a surprise party that Silo and his family did for me with almost everyone that is going to church with us! His house was FULL of people and it was so much fun to see everyone together, laughing and talking. I got some super cool presents and then the day was full of lessons! Who could have asked for a better birthday on the mission!

This will be my last full week of work. It’s time to go all out... I am not going to leave anything on the table! I love this work and I am going to miss it so, so, so much! I love you all! Until next week, with the LAST EMAIL!

Elder Clark

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