Monday, September 9, 2013

Arizona is Great!

We were able to talk to Sam as he traveled to Scottsdale. He sounded good. He was excited to leave the MTC.  He found it odd to be with regular people again.  This is not surprising after he has spent 6+ weeks with only missionaries. 
Elder Clark, Safe and Sound in Arizona

September 9, 2013
Arizona is great! I finally got here!! I got assigned to two Elders so we are in a tripanionship in Scottsdale with Elder Anderson from  Utah and Elder Hawes from Kansas! Elder Anderson has terrible knees so he works in the mission office everyday so we are able to drop him off there and me and Elder Hawes are able to go proselyting! My area is the poorer area of Scottsdale but the people are amazing! They are all so humble, even the church building we meet in is super old and beat up. I love it here and I couldn't be happier! Man oh man there is so much to tell!
I will start with my flight! Holy Cow it was crazy. First off it was the emptiest flight I have ever been on, full size airplane, probably 25 people on it. The even crazier part was the Elder Neil L. Anderson was in the first class of the plane! Us missionaries figured we were pretty safe if an apostle was on the same flight. When we got off the plane in Phoenix, we were able to talk to him for about 5 minutes, which was super awesome. One thing that I never thought I would do is be distracted when an apostle is speaking to me face to face... but while we were talking to him, I see this HUGE woman walking behind him... who is the most famous and tallest woman you can think of? Ill give you a hint, she can dunk. Yes, I saw Brittany Griner in the airport and yes.. she is an absolute giant. I think her arms are taller than I am. That was so crazy...
Elder Neil L. Andersen:an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Anyways, I met my companions and we headed to our area, when we there got ready and prepared for a baptismal service. That’s right, I had a baptism my very first day in the field. That’s gotta be a record or something... no big deal. His name is Rick and he just an awesome, humble, old man. On our way out of our apartment on our way to the baptism, there was a very old, not so humble man outside who started to cuss us and Jesus out… we tried to talk to him but he was set on just hating on us. He said some pretty terrible things and was just grumpy. His name was Claus and I hope we don't see him again.
Rick's Baptism
Elder Haws, Elder Clark, Richard, Brother Super and Elder Anderson
We are teaching ALOT of people, but there is one man that really sticks out. It is kind of an odd situation because he was a member all his life, he turned away from the church in high school, joined the military. Then witnessed a ton of terrible things and actually forgot most of his childhood because of Post Traumatic Stress. He is covered in army tattoos but is a really good guy. He really is striving to learn more although he doesn't understand the scriptures very well. Oh yeah, he lives in a Psych ward and so we have to teach him in the visitors area of it. That is pretty interesting but he is doing really well and is hoping to be released this week.
                So far it has rained more then it has been sunny here, It hasn't been too hot yet either! What a blessing that was for Sunday when we have to wear our suits!
                That’s really the main points I wanted to share, I am beyond excited to work in the area! Teaching and talking to people in English is so wonderful. I hope I get to stay here for a bit. My Portuguese might take a hit but it is totally worth it. I love this gospel and I love the happiness it brings me. I have been so happy just to be out here! It is wonderful! I love you all and hope everything is going well back home! Keep me updating with everything!
                oh yeah,,, I guess this is important....address to send me letters and fun things!
Scottsdale Mission Home
6265 North 82nd Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250-5608

The Picture is of the baptism! From left to right, Elder Hawes, ME!, Richard(Baptizee), Brother Super(Baptizer) and Elder Anderson
Amo voces!

 Elder Clark

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  1. So, so, so good to see him and hear from him! I'm glad he is happy in Scottsdale. We talked to Brian last night while he was in LAX. Right now he is over the Pacific Ocean. :)