Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is Country

April 13, 2015
Piranha for dinner, yes Piranha!
Man, I love Padre Bernardo! This city is so cool! It is a farming city. Almost everyone that lives here works on the farms. There are a ton of trucks here and lots of people that walk around in cowboy boots, jeans and cowboy hats. There are a ton of wild life and strange food!  I love it! But it is also hard because how the farms work here is that the men go and stay there during the week and so come home on the weekends. So basically the town full of woman during the week. Still, we have found some amazing families!

I never thought I would be in an area that we have to introduce the church to people who have never
Meet the Mormons
even heard of missionaries. It is so cool to be able to explain who we are, and why I, an American, am in the middle of nowhere Brazil. The people here are super receptive too. There were many times this week that we showed up at someone’s house, and before we could explain who were, they already invited us in and just started talking to us. It is amazing! I love this small town. We have been teaching like mad men this week and the only problem that we are seeing is that everyone accepts us super well here, but few have a desire to learn more. They are all amazing people but already are strong in the religion that they have. There are some churches here that have been here since the dinosaurs. The Catholic Church is the strongest here. I think about half the population is Catholic here.

Everyone at Church
 Church was neat; we had a whopping 14 people there! haha Man, I hope that number grows fast. We are working so hard to find the people who have just been waiting for the gospel! My companion is great. He only has 3 months on the mission but he teaches well and knows how to work! I love this gospel and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to start the church here in Padre Bernardo. Pray for me and the city here. We need all the help we can get!


Elder Clark

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