Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Lord Never Ceases To Amaze

From Samuel's Mom: All the missionaries from the Scottsdale Arizona Mission gathered together last Saturday.  They were scheduled to have a meeting with Elder Jeffery R Holland, an Apostle.  However, he was not able to attend. They held a mission conference instead. In the photo below Elder Clark is in the back on the right as you look at the picture.

The Entire Scottsdale Arizona Mission 

From Elder Clark:Elder Holland was not able to make it on Saturday.  But we still had our meeting and the different Mission Presidents and their wives spoke to us, as well as Elder Wright, an area seventy. Even though Elder Holland wasn’t able to make it, it was probably one of my favorite meetings of my mission so far. I came into it really wanting to know how to help certain people I was working with and I got so many answers on how I can help them! What a blessing! It was a lot of fun to be in the valley and be with EVERY missionary in our mission. I was not able to find Sister Kimberly Clark (Samuel’s cousin who is serving in a neighboring mission) though; I think she was going to be in the meeting after ours. I searched hard!

 Another great blessing this week was church. We were really worried about not being here on Saturday because it seems like if Saturdays are productive, good days, the next day, church attendance and the meetings are good. But the Lord kept working even though we were not here. We had 170 people in Church this week. The most in YEARS! What a great day, and it motivated all of us missionaries to continue to work as hard as we can because the people here are ready! 200 is our goal for the end of this transfer, and with that 200 get more priesthood holders and temple recommends! The work is exploding here and it is great to have 8 of us in this small reservation town! Such great things are happening here!

Ft Apache Crew - Eight Missionaries Strong
I forgot to mention this in my last letter, but I played the piano again... but this time it was for a funeral which was much more intimidating but it turned out to be a nice service, including the music.

I love this work and the church is true. I see evidence of it every single day.

Elder Clark

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