Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Church Is Fun!

Beautiful Ft. Apache
January 27, 2013

This was a great week, as it always is in Ft. Apache. The weather was beautiful as well! 60's all week, they say its unusual weather and we should be trodding in a lot of snow but hey, perfect missionary work weather! We had another great showing at church again! 3 weeks in a row with over 170 people there! I love seeing the progress! It’s crazy to think my first Sunday here there were about 60 people in the congregation! I love being able to see the fruits of our labors so quickly! All that most people needed was an invitation to come back and here they are!

I love teaching the young men, I learn so much when I do too, Sunday we talked about the priesthood and its sacred responsibilities and it was so fun to see the young men really understand the power and the responsibility they hold. It gave me a reminder of my responsibilities as a missionary and how important my role is but more importantly how important my role is as a priesthood holder.

Flour War
This Saturday was a pretty good one! In the morning we had a baptism for a 15 year old girl who was brought into the church by her member friends about 2 months ago and decided this gospel is something she needs in her life, although no one in her family are members. Right after her sweet baptism, we all changed, met the youth outside and hosted a Flour War. That was a lot of fun and the youth really seemed to enjoy it! They invited a lot of their friends. This was such a great way to let people know that church IS fun! I love being able to be so involved with all the activities the church does but I am even more excited for the branch's potential.

This Sunday we sustained some newly returned members to different callings because the amount of people attending is getting too much for just the called members we have, the primary (class for children) class  has tripled and the youth classroom is about ready to burst when we get all of them in there! How exciting it is to have more people than the building can really handle. PROGRESS!

We actually have an investigator! We found him at "The restaurant" (yes, that's its name cause it’s the only one here). We have taught him two lessons and he is set for baptism! He is so solid and has been super prepared! He read one of our pamphlets a while ago in the hospital. It was about the plan of salvation, so he already knew all of that. I can’t wait to see him progress and become a member of the church!

More Beautiful Ft. Apache
All the missionaries sang a Tongan hymn this Sunday in sacrament meeting and it was so spiritual. The chapel is usual pretty noisy with kids who aren't used to church. As we were singing and when we finished, it was pretty silent. Even though no one understood the words (including myself), the spirit was so strong! I love feeling the spirit and I love this gospel!

Elder Clark

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