Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Small Step for the Missionaries, One Giant Leap for the Ft. Apache Banch!

February 3, 2014

Wow wow wow... I have learned so much this week about myself, about human nature and about this gospel. I love the ability to learn each and every day even though my primary job is teaching! It’s crazy how that works!

This week was crazy full of amazing experiences and miracles. Mostly little miracles, that were such tender mercies. I could probably write a small book on all that happened but aint nobody got time for that. One small miracle was one day we went out to find a house that someone had referred us too, we ended up going to the wrong house, but this man was a less active member and we were able to help him with some yard work. He told us maybe it was a sign that we found him.... heck ya, it was a sign (and a small miracle from our Heavenly Father)!

Another one was that on Saturday we had lessons planned for each hour of the morning but NONE for the afternoon. This was frustrating to me because we usually are full all day. We were able to go to our lessons, but during one of them my companion became really ill. He started throwing up and all the works.... so we spent the rest of the day at home so he could recover. What a tender mercy the lord gave to us so we didn’t have to cancel on anyone. The Lord really does provide for us all the time. We just need to stop and look for the miracles.

Sunday of course was the best day of the week again. We had 190 people at church! THIS WORK WILL NOT STOP! I was so excited, and we had ALL young men passing and blessing the Sacrament which hasn’t happened since I’ve been here, usually one or 2 or 3 of us missionaries are helping out. Great things are happening. I had also been praying ALL WEEK for certain people we were working with to finally make it out to church. We have been working with a couple families that do everything but just don’t attend church. Well they did this week and how great it was to see them there! The first time coming back is always the hardest. I cannot wait to see all of them progress in the gospel and make it to the holy temple!

Gilbert Arizona Temple
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We have met this man named Andrew. He is such a stud, he isn’t a member but he wants to be! He has a testimony of this gospel and reads the Book of Mormon every day since we met him! It is amazing to see him progress and I am excited for him to be baptized and become a mighty priesthood holder.

This work is real, the Savior is real, the happiness through his gospel is real and I want every single person I meet to know that.

Love you all

Elder Clark

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