Monday, March 3, 2014


February 24, 2014

Elder Russell and Elder Clark on the last day together
A lot has changed here in Ft. Apache this week, but all good changes! Since we now have 10 missionaries here, we had to get more organized. We have now split up the reservation into areas. So, that each companionship will have the ability to visit more often and not have to drive from one end of the town to the other for visits. We also have one set of Elders who focus almost completely on finding, activating and helping the priesthood holders. We are so excited to see how this will all work out, it was sad to hand off some of the people I had been working with that are now out of "my" area, but new organization will really help! I know it! 

Elder Blankenship and I have had a lot of success already! Our first week together and we taught 34 Less Active lessons alone! We had a lot of our people come to church too which was great! I really enjoy working with him! 

Exciting things are stirring here and I am pumped for many things that are soon to come! One of which is the young men, they just got a new young men president and the few boys that show up are so excited to help make the branch bigger as well! This Sunday they came up with over 10 names of boys they want to go visit and get them to come back to church... all on their own! They are complete studs. 

What a blessing it is to work here and watch the Lord work in all these peoples lives!

God Bless you all and I love ya!

Elder Clark

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