Monday, March 17, 2014

Just Keep Working!

March 17, 2014

New Crew
Ft. Apache Missionaries
Man, this week was a lot of work but SO much fun!! Many wonderful things happened! We had a priesthood campout, a member get her endowments and branch conference!

Priesthood Campout
The campout was so much fun; we camped with the boys and men of the branch from Friday to Saturday on some beautiful property that Brother Cheney owns just out of town. I was able to plan it and get everything going for it which was stressful but well worth it. We all arrived there, set up camp and ate a wonderful dutch oven dinner a high councilman and his brother made for all of us. After that we had a short fireside devotional about the priesthood. Then just partied! ahah well until 1030... Missionaries still have their curfew, even camping! The next morning we cooked breakfast, lots of people went fishing and one boy caught a pretty decent size fish! When breakfast was over we had a survivalist and a reservation ranger come and teach us some wildlife survival things. It was kinda wet, sorta cold, but VERY fun. I feel like it was a success because this Sunday we saw that that the men became closer and some of them became a lot more excited about the Priesthood!

Elder Clark at the Snowflake Arizona Temple
That Saturday afternoon, a couple of the other missionaries and I had the privilege to accompany one of the members of our branch to go through the temple for the first time! She is the first one to do so since we have been here. It was so exciting! She is the first of many! One soul at a time.

Branch conference was great too, every leader came down to our building and they are working very well with us to integrate the branch into really what an LDS Church should be like. A leader of each auxiliary will be here at least twice a month for the next year to help this branch! They will help with temple trips, youth activities and anything else! That makes us missionaries very excited! That even if we all left, the branch will still be taken care of!

We are working with a very sweet woman right now, she has been less active for a while and just wants to change her life around and get right with God again. She is doing very well. I love helping lost souls!

God is great!

Elder Clark
Hiking with the Zone
(A Zone is a group of Missionaries)

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