Monday, July 21, 2014


July 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Elder Clark

Man, I am 20 years old... I don’t know why but that is so weird to me.. haha My birthday this week was
great. We had interviews with our new mission president in the morning, then we worked during the day and at night we had a family night planned with some members in our ward that are good friends, but when we got there it turned out to be a surprise party for me! It was awesome, and we even had Ice-cream cake! All in all, it was a good 20th birthday in Brazil.

As for missionary work, we had a lot of heartbreak this week. Earlier in the week we weren’t able to work as much because I was a little sick, and Elder Xavier was REALLY sick, but he was tough and he worked through it. One of our investigators told us she wasn’t interested anymore more, which was killer, but we talked and she will still receive visits from us. We had to change the baptism of Celina and her girls because 1. She still is smoking and 2. They won’t come to church! Something always seems to come up. A family that is less active that we are working with are fighting right now and the wife is staying with her mom. This week has just been a lot of frustration! It’s crazy how strong Satan is and how for everything we try and do, he always throws something to destroy it.

Missionary Shoes!
We started something pretty cool this week. We call it ´´Day of Missionary´´, doesn’t sound as cool in English but it is! There are a lot of youth preparing for missions right now in our ward and so we started this day of missionary; which is literally that the young man spends the entire day with us. He arrives at our apartment at 8 am. He studies with us and then he comes with us to all our visits until 9pm at night. It’s pretty cool and a great way for them to learn the lessons and what being a missionary is before they actually are missionaries! We did one Saturday, and have another day scheduled for tomorrow with another young man!

Next week is transfer week and I am pretty nervous I’ll be leaving. I want to stick with Elder Xavier in Recanto for one more transfer! Pray that I will stay! Next Monday we will know. I love missionary work, even though it’s the hardest thing in the world.

Love you all!

Elder Clark

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