Friday, August 8, 2014

Wet Weather, A Wedding, A Baptism and Transfers

July 28, 2014
Elder Xavier and Elder Clark
I think this last past 6 weeks was the fastest of my mission... with the World Cup and being companions with Elder Xavier.  Elder Xavier and I became very good friends and the days passed by unbelievable fast because the work was just fun, still had its good share of hard and sad times but was fun. I am sad to say that Elder Xavier already has been transferred, we got transfer news last night and boy it wasn’t happy news. We were both pretty bummed and stayed up pretty late packing up his suitcases. I am still here in Recanto, with my new companion Elder Kodama from São Paulo. He was in our district when I first got here so it’s nice we already know each other. The mission is crazy. Every time I am comfortable, it finds a way to throw me back out of my comfort zone. But it is good. I am learning and growing a whole lot!

This week was a bit crazy. The weather for one, the week started out super hot, dry, and without a cloud in the sky, probably the hottest it has been since I got here, but the weekend was and still is FREEZING, wet. I have not seen the sun in days. It has been strange indeed because this area of Brazil doesn’t see rain usually until September.... but the tradition here is when it rains, you receive wife points, so I am not complaining! (A joke about how cute your wife will be!)

The most excited thing this week was the wedding of Kesley and Cristina, and the baptism of Cristina. Cristina has been coming to church since I got here. She is great and has changed so much. I think she is amazing. I wasn’t able to work with her a whole lot because she lives in the area of the Sister missionaries. She and her now husband finally got married on Friday and she was baptized this Sunday! I don’t think I have seen anyone happier! We will continue to work with her husband who has some other problems but he has a desire. That is the best part of missionary work. Watching people’s lives change for the better right in front of your eyes.

This next week will be a lot of showing Elder Kodama around, introducing him to the members and our investigators. I hope the weather continues to be like it is now because working in the cold is a whole lot easier then working in the heat. As for me, I am healthy, tired, and always learning. The mission is the best and worst experience of my life. haha but I would change it for the world. Love you all,

Elder Samuel Clark

AHH, I almost forgot about my hump day. HOW CRAZY! Time passes so quickly and I still have so much to do and learn! It’s crazy to think that in one year on this day, I’ll be home. ahhhhh

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