Tuesday, August 26, 2014


August 25, 2014

I saw a TUCAN fly by us this week! This was the first one I have seen and I have been waiting to see one this whole time. haha Everyone here says that they are very common here but this was my first time after 4 months in Brazil was this week! haha It was pretty cool, very monumental moment in my life.

As for missionary life, it is going real well! We are finding a lot of people and talking to even more, but only few are real receptive to us. Everyone lets us talk to them and visit them in their home, but it’s really hard to let them know our message isn’t just another bible study! We do have a few people that are really progressing and accepting though!

We met a teenager this week that is probably about 6´6 and is way cool! He is way intelligent and he loves the teachings of the church and has really good thoughts about them.  Elder Kodama and I were thinking that he was at least 16 or 17, turns out he is only 14! haha He is going places when he grows up! I offered to teach him basketball but he said he´ll stick with soccer... haha so probably not the NBA... His family is VERY active in another church but they are accepting to us and are happy that he is attending church, so that good! He is a friend of a less active teenager too so it’s a double win for us missionaries, we get to help the both of them receive all the blessings of this gospel.
Elder Clark

I think these next 2 weeks will be my last in Recanto Das Emas. This is kind of sad to think about but also is exciting that I’ll get to know more of Brasil! Tomorrow I have to play the piano for a special musical number during an atividade (activity) at the church... so pray for me! I get so nervous when I have to play in front of people...

The work is progressing, the sun is shining and Elder Clark is always learning! I am so grateful for the Lord helping me with all my weaknesses and blessing me continually! I love you all!
Até a próxima semana!

Elder Clark

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