Friday, August 15, 2014

Working and Walking

August 4, 2014

Family Night
This week we worked and we walked. I do know how we were able to get up each morning because I felt like we walked 1000000 miles each day. We made a whole lot of visits this week, and lots of them were with members that have fallen away from the church and we soon discovered that there are a TON here. Its wasn’t our intention this week to find a lot of these members but it just kind of happened and many are very receptive to us. It’s crazy how my mission has really been focused on helping people return back to church, no matter where I am, Brazil or the states. But it’s also crazy how much I love it. I think I feel a greater joy when someone who hasn’t been to church in years walks through the doors of church than I do for Baptisms.

I just want to tell you all about one of the people that we started working with. His name is Junior and he has 17 years.  His younger brothers are super active in the church and we passed by his house to talk with them about visiting some people with us. Only junior was home, but we welcomed us in and actually was really excited to talk to us. He told us that yesterday he was thinking about the happiness that his brothers have and that he wants that too and that he has a desire to serve a mission! We left him with some scriptures to read and told him we are going to help him prepare to be a missionary. The next time we visited him he told us that he knew that the church was true, and that after reading the scriptures he got a feeling like never before. He is awesome and his family is great too!

Miracles big and small happen every single day of the mission. I am so grateful for this time I have to serve and what the mission is doing for me. It’s amazing how much the mission shapes you while you are working for all those around you! I love this gospel and the mission!

Elder Clark

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