Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tan Lines and Blonde Hair

August 11, 2014

This week has been unbelievable hot and dry, the sun has been 10 times stronger this week. My hair is turning more blonde every single day and I now officially have the missionary tan lines. I have a line in the middle of the neck were my collar is and my arms are… we will just say farmer tanned! The hardest thing to do now is to work right after lunch. We finish lunch at about 1ish and with stomachs full we walk and try to talk to people in the blazing heat.

This week was good and we had some little miracles. Our mission president is really emphasizing talking to EVERYONE so we spent a lot of time talking with people on the street. It was crazy that as soon as we started talking to everyone, everyone started talking to us. Lots of people have stopped us, asking if I am American, and if I can help them with English, and others have yelled for us from across the street. It’s been fun too because you never know who you will meet. We met one lady who has quickly become one of my favorites. She is not mentally all there but she is so great and sweet. She is a member but the rest of her family isn’t. She is so smart and knows American history better than I do. Her name is Creoza and she has quickly become a good friend of ours!

Fernanda was baptized too! Her friends are investigating the church too and when she heard about that, she started to look around on, she became curious and tagged along to church with her friends. She stayed for the baptism of Cristina after church and loved it. She gained a testimony of the church, and was baptized! It all happened super-fast but she was ready! She is 24 years but wants to serve a mission. She is already visiting people with the Sister missionaries.
Super Elder

The Lord is kind, and every day he opens my ears and loosens my tongue a little more with Portuguese. The mission is a lot more fun and passes by a lot faster when you understand and can have conversations with people! Now people don’t laugh at me they laugh with me! ahah for the most part. I know this church is true and the power within it is the greatest thing ever. I love you all and until next time!

Elder Clark!

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