Monday, October 27, 2014

6 More Weeks

October 20, 2014

Today was transfers and the news is that I will stay here with Elder Mangana for another 6 more weeks! He will become my companion that I have had for the longest time on my mission! We are so excited to continue to work together in our area!!
Elder Clark
This week was really good. We did another trade, but this time with Elder Porter! Remember him; he was my companion in the MTC more than a year ago! He is a district leader in our zone and we spent the day here while Elder Magana worked in Elder Porters area. It was so cool to teach with him and talk with people on the street. I remember when we were in Utah, learning how to speak Portuguese and now one year later we were walking the streets of Brazil talking and teaching people in Portuguese! And when we were alone on the streets and stuff, we just talked Portuguese because it is actually easier to speak Portuguese rather than English.

This week we had a lesson with a family that we are teaching their 30 year old daughter but their daughter is vacationing in Europe right now but we still wanted to keep in touch with her family while she was gone. We visited her parents and we took along with us a seventy; He is an Area Seventy and he lives here in our ward. He finished being a Mission President this year. His name is Elder Pinho. And boy was it intimidating to give a lesson with him there. But the lesson went great and tonight we will have a family night with them!! But during the lesson the parents of Luiza just thanked us so much for the help and the change we have been giving there family. It was such a great feeling because some days here we get home and are totally wiped out but at the same time feel like we didn’t help anyone. So, to hear the gratitude they have for our work really helped me and re-energized me work! We are excited for when Luiza gets home and we can start teaching them again!

We traveled to another city, Samambaia to do another baptism interview; I am really liking traveling around and seeing more of Brazil! I am really excited because President opened a new are in our zone. It’s a city named Pirenópolis. There the church practically doesn’t exist and the missionaries will baptize in a river! One of the assistants will be working there this transfer and it is about 2 hour away from our area, so I am excited to travel there. Look up pictures, it’s a beautiful city!
I love you all and I am so happy where I am! The gospel is true and there is nothing better than it! I love my Savior and I am so grateful for him!

Elder Samuel

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