Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just Do It.

Nov 10, 2014
Elder Clark and His Helping Hands
This week was an interesting one. We have been planning what we are going to do to REALLY help the church grow in our city here. We came to the conclusion that Recanto has had missionaries since the dawn of time, and the people here need a break from us. haha Our area includes the city of Recanto Das Emas, and then on the other side of the highway  there is another city call Riacho Fundo (he-ashe-oh fu-n-doh).  where there has NEVER been missionaries. There have been missionaries from Recanto that go there to visit some people but they never have really WORKED there. We think that there is SO much potential out there. So starting this week, we are going to work there, it’s going to be harder because its super far from our house but we think it will be worth it!!

We a probably going to move to a house this week! No more apartment! Because it has been practically impossible to work with Elder Magana with our zone in 2 houses, so this week the 4 of us are probably going to move in together!! Life is more fun with more roommates!
Elders at Helping Hands

This weekend, in our chapel, we had Helping Hand, which is the charity organization of the church. It was great! This year we had free clinics happening inside the church. Vaccinations, messages, physiotherapy, haircuts, food storage, blood sugar tests, a tramp, English lessons, dance lessons, cooking lessons, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. It was cool to have a chapel full of volunteers and visitors. Thursday we spent most of the day inviting EVERY SINGLE person on the street to go! We had over a thousand invites and we gave them all away, explaining what was going to happen to every single person. It was so much fun. The four of us were literally running around the city talking to everyone. One elder would go running along with the runners and talk with them, we talk to the people that were at the stop light, bus stop, coming home from school. I have never talked to so many people in my life. Friday we helped clean the chapel and set things up and Saturday was the big event! It was so much fun and so cool to see everyone get together to help! There was a fire truck there too and we got to climb to the top of it!

It was also a great missionary opportunity. We meet many people who became very curious about the church and the next day, a lot of them came to our services!! We will see where that all goes!

Life is good and we are just working. I love the work and I love the Lord.

Elder Clark

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