Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riacho Fundo

Nov 17, 2014

First of I want to apologize for all my spelling and grammar errors in my emails. Earlier today I wrote a letter in English and when I proof read it, I was embarrassed how bad it was, and I don’t ever proof read my update emails. So sorry, if they are hard to understand or if you can’t stand grammar mistakes.
The 1 real bill has been discontinued

BUT ANYWAYS! This week passed by so so fast! This week we just were running from place to place with so much to do! We have found a lot of great people to work with and most of them are in Riacho Fundo! We walk around a whole lot because we don’t know the city there very well at all. BUT it’s getting better. The city isn’t too big so it’s not TOO bad. We are receiving a lot of help from the members that live there too because they are way excited to try and start their own branch in Riacho. We are teaching a young woman there that moved with her mom from São Paulo. Her mom is not active in the church but this 12 year old girl will go to church alone until her mom goes too! She is not baptized but we are planning to baptize her in December! Things are looking real good out there in Riacho!

We also found a couple that really special. They will be baptized in December too! They are great! We have been teaching them and they are reading the Book of Mormon and everything! Their dad was there one day and he started to be real rude to us. It was awesome because they were defending us!

The ward here got a new Bishop too when I arrived, and he is GREAT! He has lots of great things planned and the ward is so excited. There are going to be a whole lot more activities for the members. The Bishop is working a lot with us too!

This week was just work. We left our house sometimes at eight in the morning and did not get home until nine at night! We are dead tired, but there is no better feeling then knowing you have done all that you could!

I love you all! Until Next week!

Elder Clark!

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