Monday, December 1, 2014

Be a Man

Nov 24, 2014
Package from the Eging Family - Thank You!

This week was great. I learned a whole lot this week. Tuesday we had mission counsel with the mission president and all of the Zone Leaders in the mission. Our president gave us new rules (1 HOUR FOR EMAILS!) and lots of training. He told us a lot of info and we as zone leaders need to transfer all the info to our zones during zone meeting. Elder Magana and I were thinking all week how we will do that because we didn't want to just report what was said. We decided to ask some member of the zone to give training on subjects that we gave them! We planned to speak after the training to cover what the missionaries missed but the cool thing is that the training of the Elders were exactly the same as President! Sometimes they said the SAME phrase. The meeting was very spiritual and very uplifting. We finished the meeting off with ``Be a Man`` because that is basically what President kept saying in the meeting about the problems we are having in the mission. We have to leave our childhood behind and become men on the mission.

We are teaching a young woman that has 12 years. She is very special. Her mom is inactive but is very supportive. We marked a date for her baptism in December, but she said she wants to do it as soon as possible! So, this Thursday we will have a baptism service for her! She is great and treats our commitments like homework. She wants to learn and goes to church by the bus totally alone! I am very excited for her and her mom. Her mom opens up more and more to us as we visit.

This week for me was about change. As our zone meeting was about changing to become better on our missions, I have really been thinking about how I have changed on the mission. It’s not been easy and I still have so far to go, but I do believe that I am becoming better than I was. Well, at least I hope so. I really think that is the true purpose of our missions; is to shape our lives first, so we can help everyone around us after. I love the mission, no matter how hard and discouraging it can get, because I am becoming the man my Heavenly Father expects me to be.

Love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Clark

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