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Dec 8, 2014  

Proud to be from Planaltina!
This week was crazy hard. We arrived here and didn’t have any work to do. We didn’t have people to visit, or to teach... or really anything. We didn’t know any of the members or where they live because the city is really big. The congregation here is a branch (a small congregation). There isn’t too many members to start with. BUT I am so excited to be working in a branch again! Bringing back the days of Ft. Apache!! But, we knocked on doors and talked to everyone on the street because we just didn’t have anything going for us. We just had to wait until Sunday to meet everyone! Then hard part about our area too is that literally every single person has already talked to missionaries or at least that is their excuse. But this city is the oldest city in DF and the missionaries have been here since the dawn of time. So it’s been a bit hard but yesterday was church and things already are looking better! We meet all the members, already are working with them to do activities in the branch. I am so excited for this area!
Making Pizza at an Investigators Shop. 

My companion is great! He works and talks to everyone! His Portuguese gets better and better every day! Crazy how the church makes the world so small, he knows Elder States who served with me on the reservation in Arizona... crazy huh.

On the way to Caberceiras

This week we went on a trip! Really, it was the longest day of my life! haha We had to go to a city called Caberceiras to an interview. Our zone here is huge... and it was a trip of almost 6 hours... two buses... and a whole lot of waiting at the bus stations. BUT, the trip was so beautiful! In between the cities, there was just farm land and rolling green hills as far as the eyes can see. Then we arrived in the TINY town of Caberceiras... this town is paradise! You can walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes. It’s so little, but so great too! It’s so peaceful, clean and pretty much in the middle of nowhere so there is a lot of wildlife there, and there are a lot of people that work for the church that live there. Because there is a giant farm that the church owns close by so a LOT of people work there. Which is cool. I didn’t know we had the only farm of the church here in Brazil in our mission. I want to go visit it now... but it is far away. I fell in love with that little town in one day and hope I can return there! Sorry, I don’t have many pictures of it. I forgot my camera so I took pictures that aren’t very good with the phone, and Elder Goodsell took photos but his camera isn’t working with these computers. But the trip was truly an adventure and so much fun. Everyone was looking at us ``gringos`` or foreigners, wondering why these two white, blonde guys were in the middle of nowhere.... haha!

Life is so sweet as a missionary and I am so grateful for this time that I have, and it is passing by way to fast! I can’t believe how much I still have to learn and do and such little time I have left.

I love the gospel, I love my savior, and I love you all!

Elder Clark!

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