Sunday, December 28, 2014

It’s the Simple Things

December 15 2014

Man, our area is tough. I love it here but it is tough man. We are trying different things every day to try and work better but nothing is really working. We are excited for this week because we have a lot of things planned that we are hoping and praying will help this branch. I love working with Branches (smaller congregations) and being able to be so involved. I am trying to apply the things I learned on the rez but as of now... nothing is really working. We have a lot of hope for this area but it’s tough. All we can do is keep going and work.

My mission has been really simple. I have has miracles happen for sure, but most of them have been little, personal but powerful miracles in my life that I will remember forever. It’s amazing how much love our Heavenly Father has for all of us and how he answers our prayers personally. One night, we found the other Elders on the street and we were dying of hunger! We didn’t have much money with us and the rest of our money was in our house, which was really far away... so what to do? We went to a member’s house! But they weren’t home... dang it. Our hunger was growing and we needed to find a way to eat fast. But without money that’s a little hard. We decided to pray.... in the middle of the street, for food. So, we prayed and then just kind of stood there waiting for a miracle to happen... like food would just appear.  A thought came to mind that we just needed to work and food will come. So the 4 of us went walking to a house of an investigator and one the way some man from a bar yelled ELDERS! Normally you just have to ignore the drunks but what he said next we the miracle. COME HERE AND I WILL BUY EACH OF YOU CHURRASCO (BBQ) WHAT?!? These man was border line drunk... and not even a member of the Church. He met with missionaries 20 years ago and remembered them when we walked passed. We couldn’t believe. We talked with him. Ate our grilled meat and went on our ways with food in our stomach. God is truly kind.

Our area is really big and we walk a lot. It feels a bit like Taguatinga all over again. It rained a lot this week so the heat wasn’t really a problem! We found a beautiful family this week that was very open to our message! I hope that we can help them progress! We also found a lot of less active members that we are determined to bring back to church. We had 60 people at church this weekend and our goal for the end of the transfer is 100. It’s a pretty big goal but, I have faith that we can do it! The Lord is great and I love him. I love this work and don’t want to be anywhere else!

Love you all!

Elder Clark

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