Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To Worlds Unknown

December 1, 2014

 This week was great! Ana Carolina was baptized! She is so strong and such an example to me! It was a really sweet baptismal service, with lots of support from the youth. We had a lot of help from the youth, helping her to activities and going to the lessons with us. It was a perfect way to finish the transfer. I had the privilege to confirm her a member on Sunday. She choose one of the young men who is preparing to go on a mission to baptize her, and I don’t know who got more excited, him or her. During the baptism service, she was all smiles, her mom was all tears and Moroni (the young man) was all nerves. It was great and he did a great job.

The pattern of weather this week was the same every single day. Super hot and humid in the morning and then the afternoon it would get real cloudy and cool off and in the evening it just rained and rained. We came home almost every night soaking wet. But, I would choose to work in the rain any day over the heat.

Santo Antonio with Elder Anderson
I went to Santo Antonio again! I spent the day with Elder Anderson! It was great. Elder Anderson is a great missionary, he only has 3 months on the mission but he isn't afraid to talk to anybody. He talks to anything! haha He is great and I learned so much from him. Its crazy because there everyone is catholic, and they attend this church that is across the street from their house.

So the exciting news.... I am no longer in the Zone Taguatinga! In case you didn’t know, I have about 8 months here in Brazil... and I have been in the same zone since I got here. I love Taguatinga, but I was ready to see more of Brazil! I was transferred today. I am now sending you an email from Planaltina, DF! I am still serving as a zone leader, and my new companion is Elder Goodsell from American Fork, Utah. He has 3 months on the mission and he is great. My other ``companion`` who is in another companionship but is the other zone leader, is called Elder Laurentino, and his companion is Elder Josephson from Lehi. Utah. We all live in an apartment together. I am so pumped because I love living with more missionaries! I am super excited to be here. There is a lot of work to do with less actives and I love to work with them! I am excited for this transfer, and not just because it will be Christmas soon!!!

I am sad to leave Recanto Das Emas. But, I am so grateful for my time there!! I love you all and I love the mission but most of all I love my Savior!

Elder Clark

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