Thursday, May 1, 2014


April 28, 2014

 This week flew by. The work is moving and it’s actually really cooled off! It rained EVERY single day, literally every day. But know the weather is perfect!

I spent the first couple days of the week on a trade in a city called Santo Antonio, it is very different than Recanto das Emas. It was a neat experience! The people there were really cool and talked with a lot of slang, so it was kind of hard to understand...

A Local Vendor
We walk a lot and talk to a lot of people here but like any other city, the people are a little cold and really busy so it is hard to find new people to teach, but we are trying!

As for the language, it is getting better, little by little. I am actually able to tell words apart when people talk! It used to be just a big slur. But now, even though I don’t understand, I can tell when a word starts and ends.

This is the last week of the transfer and I do have to say it’s been the strangest transfer ever. I started in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Then Sao Paulo and now and I am in Brasilia. Dang. What is my life? Mormons are crazy, sending their children to foreign countries. We sure do have a lot of trust in the Lord.

About Brazil! The people here only eat lunch, and then kind of have a snack for dinner. They love soccer. It is pretty much only sport here, which makes me very excited for the World Cup because it is gonna be nuts here! They drink an herbal tea “capim santo” (lemon grass) It is so good! The traffic here is nuts, and the cars are all tiny. Our area is in the middle of the city. The people are like any other people that live in cities around the world. They are all in a hurry and are a little more cold and rough. But that’s ok! I am enjoying myself, even when it’s pretty frustrating! I don’t know why but it still hasn’t hit me that I am in a completely different hemisphere. It is crazy to think. Earlier I was playing soccer, IN BRASIL!
Elder Clark and the World Cup (Chocolate!)
So this is my life, walking all day, in a shirt and tie, in the heat, talking about Christ to people I cannot really understand! Life is good. God is great. I am so grateful for this adventure!

I have been really thinking about how to complete my mission the best I can, and I am just going to follow the apostle Peters example, when the Lord called to him to COME and walk on water, Peter just did it! There wasn’t any room for doubt or fear. When he did he fall into the water, who was right there to grab him? Our Savior.  I know that the Lord has called me to come here to Brazil and he will help me do the impossible, like Peter.

Love you all much!

Elder Clark

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