Monday, May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014
Really good news! An investigator I was working really hard with in Ft Apache was baptized last Saturday! Hurrah to Andrew!!

Anyways, here in Brazil, life is good. We spent a lot of time this week finding new people to teach and we found some success. We found a big family who live all over the city and they are neat. We hope to work more with them! We are also starting to work with Paloma’s family! They are awesome and all seem so prepared. They love the change they have seen in Paloma and are very interested! We also found this wonderful family. They are wonderful not just because they feed us the best food every time we go over but because they are unbelievably sweet and kind. The parents are not too interested in the church but their two teenage children have shown real interest. Marta and Mateus. Marta is 19 years and Mateus is 16. They are so smart, a lot smarter than me. Marta is almost done with her 3rd year of college and is planning on going to study in England. She learned English from Americans when she was 5, and still speaks well! They are awesome!

We have a baptism too, set up for this Saturday! His name is Manuel and he has been looking into the church for about 4 months. Sunday was really neat. He lives about 20 minutes (walking) from the church. He has really messed up legs, so walking is hard for him. This weekend he didn’t have his car so he walked the whole way, even though he was 30 minutes late to church!

The language is coming. I have had some real blessings, I was able to explain the Atonement to Manuel and he understood EVERYTHING! He told us he had never looked at it that way. Another blessing was that yesterday we had family home evening with a family and friends. I was super nervous cause we had the lesson and were not very prepared and there were a bunch of people that came. I had no clue what I would say... but, we taught about eternal families. When I spoke, I was able to say everything that I wanted (which was a lot) and to me it felt perfect! I sure I made a lot of mistakes, but again, everyone understood! One man said he thought I have been here for at least 6 months. What a blessing! The Lord gives us sweet tender mercies every day! Life can be frustrating but I know through the Lord, it is SO much easier and sweeter.
I had McDonalds today! That was very delicious! Sorry, I don’t have any pictures, I am in a different city today and I left my camera at home.

Every day, while walking the streets, I practice my soccer with rocks. I kick them around until I find a gutter hole in the street and I kick it, trying to make a goal. I do have to say my soccer skills are improving. We played this morning and I scored! That’s a big deal because the Brazilians and Latino missionaries are very, very good...

Life is hot and dry, but great down here in Brazil! I can’t wait for the world cup and for Elder Anderson’s visit! But, not in that order... of course, I am much more excited for Elder Anderson!!
Elder Neil L. Andersen:an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Miss and love you all!
Elder Clark!

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