Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2014

Just kidding, Brazil doesn't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but that’s ok! Happy Cinco de Mayo anyway! We had transfers this morning and I am staying in Recanto das Emas for another 6 weeks with Elder Quieros! I am excited and relieved!  

This weekend we had my first baptism! It was really sweet! It was a 21 year old named Paloma. She was the girlfriend of a member. Key word is was. This week was really hard for them, we don’t know the details but they aren’t together anymore. BUT she still went through with the baptism, which was a testament to me. She wrote down the sweetest testimony about how she believed this church was true. After she came out of the water, she was crying and said that she knew. She knew that she had just changed her life forever and that so many amazing doors had just opened up for her! I am so excited for her and grateful to help her! It has been amazing to see her transition from being a little timid about church and everything to knowing and being very open and bubbly! I love this work!
Our District

That’s pretty much all the news for now. Everyone here is preparing for the World Cup and all the missionaries are preparing for 1. Elder Andersen, of the Quorum of the Twelve, is going to visit our mission. Yes, the same Apostle I met at the airport in Arizona. 2. For a new Mission President!

The language is coming; I can have conversations with my companion now which is good! I can pretty much understand everything I read in Portuguese, but understanding what I hear... I am still working on that one!

The sun is very bright here but the weather is nice, and it gets a little chilly at night! During the day, we go out of our way to walk in as much shade as possible... haha

Our Zone
A missionary came up to me today that started his mission the same time I did but came straight here, and told me that after this transfer, we are nearly half way done with the mission. WHAT?! Where the heck did the time go? It’s crazy, cause I have just over a year left, but I really am just starting all over again.
Well, I hope the states are great; I miss all of you dearly and can’t wait to speak English with you all! (EXCEPT CHRIS! My brother I will speak Portuguese with you)
Com Amor,

Elder Clark

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