Friday, January 23, 2015


January 19, 2015

What a week what a week! With the new transfer we decided to split up our area between the two companionships because Planaltina basically has 4 cities within itself. So we split it 2 and 2. Our area is mainly Aropoangas; which is a huge, huge area. People tell us it is a dangerous area here in DF... great. Well, we have been blessed and have not seen anything that even seems dangerous.

Investigator's New Baby

The people there are great! There are a lot of members that aren’t going to church too. We have found a whole lot of people this week and we are excited to work with them! We also started an English class this week that we will have 2 times a week! People seem pretty excited about that and we hope it will be a way to keep the chapel open and meet more people!

My new companion is great! Elder Semmler served in the army and he works like a mad man! He is way funny and has a super strong accent from the south. Sometimes, he will say a whole sentence and I don’t understand a word that he said. But, I am learning words that only people use in the south!

The work is moving and the branch is growing! Thank you so much for your prayers and your love! I feel them every single day! Life is hot, but, good here in PLANALTINA!

Elder Clark

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