Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunny Days

Jan 26, 2015

``Oh my goodness`` was my phrase of the week. Every time we walked out of a home or shade into the blaring sun... this week was by far the sunniest and hottest week of my mission! Every day was sunny without a cloud in the sky until Saturday! It got to the point that my companion and I had to walk on the street and stop to cool down under every tree with shade... it was killer and it made it real hard to talk with people because nobody wanted to stay in the sun to talk to us. But, now it is raining cats and dogs. I think Brasilia has the strangest weather ever. But, I am grateful that the sun is hidden for now. I am sure that it will return soon.

Today we had a zone activity and it started to pour rain. My companion and I had to go back to the house to get some things and we rain through the streets that turned into rivers. We got absolutely soaked but it was great and very refreshing after a week of being baked alive in the sun. Our activity was good and we had hamburgers!! It was a good taste of home!! Tomorrow we will have a zone conference and since our zone is HUGE geographically, everyone arrived yesterday, so today we partied! haha

We have met some really great people! We met one family that offered us water during one of the days of the killer sun. We talked to them and they accepted another visit from us the following day! Barbara is the most receptive one and the next day she actually read the pamphlet we gave her and she said that she basically agreed with it all! She said that she has to study a little bit more but that she is really liking what she is learning! We are excited for her and we are anxious to help her! We met another woman who was putting together a trampoline in a park. She got laid off recently so she is setting up a tramp in a park where kids can pay to jump on it! We decided to help her because it was just her and her 3 year daughter! We helped her set it up and she was so grateful! She said that this was the first day that her husband didn’t come to help her because he was caught up at work and that it was a little miracle that we came to help her! We will teach her this week!

I don’t know why this area is hard... but it is. The branch here has more than 50 years of existence and almost nothing to show for it, But I am super excited to see what happens with not only this branches but all of the branches in our zone (every area in our zone is branches!) because the leaders of the district are super excited to work with us missionaries and we are having meeting after meeting to coordinate how we are going to help things grow!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE PASSED MY 1 YEAR AND 6 MONTHS! It is crazy how fast it passes by and I am so grateful for all that I have learned and I have learned so much. It incredible to me how much you can notice and change on your mission. But also how easy it is to ignore it all and not change at all. It’s something that you have to work for because maybe it will come naturally, but in that way, it will come so slow. I love my mission. I love every moment of it. It’s crazy to think that it is ending but I am so glad for the huge amount of time I still have left to learn and to grow!!

I love my church! I love my Savior! and I love you all!

Elder Clark!

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