Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Halfway Through The MTC

    I am half way there! only 3 more weeks and I am out of here and actually in the field! From the looks of it though, I am most likely going to be reassigned to an instate mission because NOBODY is recieving their visas in time. About 20 missionaries that are assigned to go to Brazil left Monday to various places in the USA because none of them had their visas. I am actually not to stressed about it though because I think that would be such an amazing opportunity to be able to (in a way) serve two missions for the price of one! and speaking in English does not sound to bad right now. But now that I have said that, and knowing that the Lord has quite  the sense of humor, my visa is going to come before I leave this place! Either way I am perfectly content with going where ever the Lord wants me to go.
   This past week has been the best week by far. I have had so many memories made and experiences that I will not forget. I had the opportunity to give two blessings this week. The first one was to one of the sisters in our district. All three of the sisters were feeling really discouraged and each asked for a blessing. They did not want it to be a public thing so three of us Elders went and our teacher went into a room with the three sisters. Each one explained their needs to us and we gave them each a blessing. The spirit that was in the room during and after the blessings was incredible. Everyone just had the overwhelming feeling that was we are doing is exactly what the Lord wants us to and he was proud of our progress. The second blessing I gave was to my good friend Elder Harris, a cowboy from Idaho that would give Chris Moyes a run for his money for being the most cow-boyish person I have ever met. ANYWAYS he didnt take any sort of language in school or anything so learning Portuguese has been really hard for him, and even though he is one of the most diligent workers we have, he was ready for a little divine help for his studies. I gave the blessing with 4 other Elders standing in. The power I felt with all us Priesthood holders together was undeniable. I know that each man in that circle was called of God and possessed the power to do anything through him. Elder Harris is progressing with the language like a champ now! God really does help those who work hard but recognize that they need His help too. I was able to go to the temple this morning too! It just opened up yesterday and we all went with over 400 other missionaries. It was packed but never felt to crowded. What a sweet experience that was to be in the temple with literally just other 18 and 19 year olds. It is so hard to fathom sometimes why the Lord trusts teenagers with spreading his word, but it was so easy to see the light of Him through each missionary in the temple.

My District at the Provo Temple
      This week a bunch of missionaries left from our floor in our residence and all the foreign missionaries that are learning English have moved in. They are from everywhere and its so cool! There are elders from Ethiopia, Tonga, France, Japan, Fiji, Mexico and even Brazil! We like to "talk" to the Brazilians, they laugh a lot at us. One of my favorite is Elder Manu, from Tonga. He is a rugby player... and boy does he look like it. This man is probably 5'10 and weighs almost 300 pounds. He is so solid. He is so funny and so friendly. He walks around the hallways yelling "YEEAAAHHH MAAAYYN" because he knows very little English and that's his favorite phrases, that and yelling professional wrestlers names as he tries to wrestle people. He is so kind though and always wants to help when he's not trying to play tackle rugby in the hallway with me.... One of our elders tore his quad playing softball (dont ask me how) and we live on the fourth floor.... with no elevator. So Elder Blalock has to hop up four flights of stairs. One day Elder Manu was coming down when her was going up. Manu goes "you no good. Hop on my back". he then proceeds to toss elder Blalock onto his shoulders and takes this 220 pound Elder up all the flights of stair, while in his church clothes. The Tongans have got to be the strongest people on the planet. 
My District
     I have learned so much this week. We have a class each week where we go and teach members of the church that speak Portuguese. The lesson is completely in Portuguese and we were able to have spiritual and meaningful conversations with the people. It was so awesome. It made me SO pumped to get out into the field! 

     Tell Jeremiah I miss him too and that I wear my Tiki necklace his Dad gave me everyday too! I love all of you and love hearing from you with your updates! Thanks for the support and the love!

   -Elder Clark

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