Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week Two, The Adventure Continues

      Week two at the MTC is now complete and man was it a good one. I forgot to tell you this last week but within the first couple days of being here, without any hinting from me, my nickname soon became Elder Superman, and that is was all the Elders on our residence floor call me now. I have to say its pretty cool. haha Nothing like being called a super hero to keep me humble at the MTC! Seriously though, the MTC is truly a humbling place. I cannot believe the amazing people that come through here and the amount of work I am able to get done. I know none of what I am able to accomplish here is because of me, its because The Lord has taken my hand and is guiding me completely through this. Without his help, I do not think I could be doing as well and be as happy as I am every day here.
     Every Tuesday night is the big devotional for all the missionaries to go to. We all have to march to the Marriott Center because there are so many missionaries! I am so sad I didnt bring my camera but one of the best sights I have ever seen in my life was the thousands of missionaries walking along the side walk after the devotional in a constant stream all the way to the MTC. I cant even describe how it made me feel to be part of so many and I will for sure get a picture of it tonight! The devotional was amazing too, the speaker was a former member of the 70, Brian H. Richards, and he spoke just about how hard missionary work is but the things that are worth the most in life do not come easy. I loved it so much. He kept quoting Elder Holland telling us that "you are the Army of Helaman, Today. You are the hope of Israel, today. We are the greatest generation of missionaries to serve" It was such a powerful night and got me so pumped to get out there and try and be the greatest missionary of the greatest missionary generation.

    I have come across so many people I know its kinda crazy. I've seen Sister Ward, Sister Cotton, and Elder Wiegel (all from our stake) and I have seen two sisters from pageant 3 years ago! It seriously is a very small world, spiritually speaking. The most important person I have seen is Elder Christensen of course! I have seen him twice this week and boy is he a sight for sore eyes. I love seeing him here and I love thinking about all us 94's soon being out in the field all serving all over the world!
Elder Christensen and Elder Clark - Cousins!
     This fast sunday was really cool. We had a lot of special meetings that were really good. During testimony meeting, most of the missionaries that are about to leave bore their testimonies and were so good at the language! I am so excited to be able to speak like that. I am already at a point where when I think of a word it comes to my head in Portuguese first! (like first, i though primera before I thought first!) Just another thing God is personally helping me with.

    So during the little free time we have in between classes and what not my companion and I have found the best source of entertainment at the MTC. Its kind of mean but it is such a stress reliever! So at one of the walkways in the middle of the MTC, so there is heavy traffic there all the time, one of the pieces of sidewalk is lifted higher than the rest. So yes, people trip on it ALL THE TIME. And there is conveniently a couple benches that are all set perfectly for optimum viewing pleasure. Me and my companion will just sit at the bench, pretend to be reading or something and just watch, Watch all the hopeless and clueless missionaries stumble on the sidewalk. It never get old and its terribly funny. Sometimes if the action gets a little slow. we'll start to say high to them just in time for them to stumble on the raised part. Don't worry momma, no one has completely fallen..... yet.

    I love  love love getting Dear Elder letters. I promise you that I get them even if I don't always respond. I just like hearing about everyone and knowing that I am being thought about. Make sure everyone knows what it is and have everyone send me some! And also let everyone know that I do write back to letters, they just need to know how slow snail mail really is. Also thank you so much Miss Abby for the package! it was awesome and all the guys in my room use the grip exerciser and we are seeing who has the best grip by the time we leave! Speaking of competitions, at dinner they serve jello cups basically every night. All of us take the jello out of the cup and set ion on our trays. Then you have to suck it all up in one bite, and yours truly is the only one to have successfully completed the entire cup in one suck. I am the champion.

    I hope all is well at home. I fasted for a lot of things this Sunday. One of them was for Zach and his family. I am so excited for him and I hope his travels go well today! His letter was aweome and I need to MTC adress to answer him! I also fasted for my Visa, one member of our district got his last week and he left bright and early this morning for the MTC in Brazil. Lucky Lucky, even though it feels like a member of our family died.. we miss him already! Not as much as I miss all of you of course!

    Eu amo voces!!!!

        Elder Samuel Payne Clark

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