Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 4, Complete

Me and my companion, Elder Porter

    Week 4 is now complete. It was a good week with many more great experiences. The first one was last Tuesday night at our devotional. Elder Scott came and spoke to us! It was awesome to hear from him. He talked about prayer and was so powerful with each statement he made. He became super emotional many times and the entire Marriott center was silent with attention. It was one of the best talks I have ever heard. The best part was that he gave everyone watching (This was the first MTC Devotional to be broadcast worldwide to every MTC in the world!) an Apostolic blessing that we would all be able to learn the language...not once but TWICE! It was so cool and such a great feeling that this man that directly talks to the Lord promised us the blessing of the gift of tongues.... twice. At the end... as he was leaving and we were all standing waiting for him to leave, he was about to go through the door (very slowly cause he old) and then he stopped... look at all of us and cupped his hands around his mouth. At this point, all 4000 people were getting ready for some divine Revelation but he proceeded just to say "BE GOOD" and then continued on his way. but then he stopped again and said "I LOVE YOU" which made everyone in the congregation say it back. It was a pretty light hearted and fun way to end the evening. 
Elder Richard G. Scott
Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    I finally found some missionaries going to the DC south mission. They should be there now.. so if you have new missionaries, ask them about me. I told them to say hi to Bishop Clark for me. I told them they are going to the absolute best mission with the best mission president, after mine of course. I met some missionaries going to the Chesapeake area too, I guess that's kinda cool. 

Me and Elder Manu
     Me and Elder Manu (My Tongan) are having a great time. Last night we compared English scriptures with the Tongan ones. Communication is pretty hard because he speaks SO little English but I was able to share my favorite scriptures with him. Tongan is such a manly language, I was just reading from his scriptures and I felt powerful. I think this is my favorite scripture in Tongan... we could not translate it because he didn't know the words in English but I think its right... "he te u lava ke fai 'a e me'a kotoa pe 'i hono mafimafi." Its the middle of Alma 27:12. 
             Alma 27:12 Get this people out of this land, that they perish not; for Satan has great hold on             the hearts of the Amalekites, who do stir up the Lamanites to anger against their brethren to              slay them; therefore get thee out of this land; and blessed are this people in this generation, for            I will preserve them.

     So I was coming back from the temple this morning and guess who is at the stop light waiting to cross the street with me and my companions.... Michelle Peets. I don't think I have seen her since we left North Carolina! It was really cool and fun to see her! She apparently just got a job here and today was her first day. It really is a small world, spiritually speaking.  
Michelle Peets and Me
   For our Sunday devotional we had a speaker named Vai Sikahema. He was a BYU football player and was the player to return the kickoff for a touchdown in the Miracle Bowl. He is now a news anchor for NBC. He was awesome, He just told us stories and showed us a slide show of pictures. He told us the story of his mission to North Dakota and how he played in National Title games, NFL games, Pro-bowl games and went to the Olympics all over the world to broadcast but how none of those experiences even come close to his mission experience. He could remember the date he entered the MTC, left the MTC and the day he got home but he couldn't remember a single date of any specific game he played in. It was awesome to here that and it just reaffirmed my testimony of this is where I am supposed to be.
Vai Sikahema

So for the last like two weeks, I was staying awake til way late just laying in my bed because my mind had so much running through it after each day, I wouldn't ever fall asleep before 12 and I would wake up in the middle of the night all the time. I had started to drag throughout the days and it was getting to a point where I couldn't learn because I was just so exhausted. I started to get sick, but like the sickness you get when you don't get any sleep. It was getting bad but I would push through each day just to lay in bed for hours each night. Finally on Friday I was laying in bed at around midnight and I was so mad. I could here everyone else snoring and I just wanted to sleep. As I was lying there when I heard a voice say "Get a Blessing"... I wanted one but I didn't want to wake anyone up so I told myself in 30 minutes if I am still awake I will ask my companion. No more then a minute went by and the voice came back, stronger, "Get a blessing now, I want to help you." I took that as my 30 minute warning. I woke up my sleeping companion and Elder Harris and asked them to give me a blessing. They administered it to me and then we all went to bed. I feel asleep so quickly! Ever since then, I fall asleep so fast and sleep all night and I am never too tired to learn. I understand the language so much better and I just feel better. Its amazing how the Lord wants to help us with even the little things, all we have to do is ask and put our faith in him. Its the little things that build a testimony. 

    Everyday here exhausts my brain but the language is coming and my knowledge and view of the Gospel is ALWAYS growing. I love all that I am learning here but it is time for me to get out into the field!! I am ready to be out of these walls and actually doing his work! I know God needs to prepare his soldiers for battle and I am really trying to do the best I can to prepare but I have been caged up in a classroom for TOO LONG! Time to go out into the world! Only 2 weeks left! I love all of you and thank you so much for the love and support! 

-Elder Samuel Payne Clark

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