Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week One

     So week one is finally complete. I can tell you the two biggest things I have learned are that Portuguese is very difficult to learn in 6 weeks and there are WAY too many hours in the day. I get more done here in a day than a whole week back at home! Every minute of our day is scheduled and it is quite brain taxing. I love it here though, the work is hard but it is so amazing. Its amazing to me how much freedom we have too. Besides a 3 hour class time during the day with our language teacher, we are completely on our own for studying and preparing.

    I am here with 3400 other missionaries and it is so great to be with so many Elders and Sisters that are all a) in the same boat by leaving our lives behind for a lil bit b) so strong in the gospel. I have had so many gospel doctrine centered conversations and just love learning and teaching all the time! and C) such sweet spirits. My first day here it was kind of creepy how nice and excited everyone was, but as I have been here I understand why. Its impossible not to be here.

    Portuguese is kickin my butt. I am just now starting to get it and piece sentences together but my pronunciation is terrible! The worst thing is when i look up a word in the dictionary,  I will close the book and then immediately forget what the word is. Its terrible. I never thought i would miss google translate soooo much.
Companions, Elder Porter and Elder Clark

    My companion is Elder Porter from Kansas City. He went to BYUI for a year and he is awesome. We are able to quote any movie and the other one is able to know it. He is so much fun and really helps me out with the language. Me and Him and one other Elder are the only ones I know of that are going to Brasilia, everyone else is going to the mission right next to ours. My district has become one big family. There are 10 (Elders including me and Elder Porter) and 3 sisters. We all are really good friends now and have the greatest time together. Everyone is from all over but the funniest one is Elder Blalock. He is from Mississippi and has the best southern accent. He is hilarious and could be a professional comedian with the way he tells stories. He has made me cry laughing countless times now and we've only just begun.  We have started to create a book of Elder Blalock's quotes, I cannot wait to show you guys!

   One day Elder Blalock was feeling real messed up, like to the point where he wanted to go home. So he asked me if I would give him a blessing of comfort. We all paused our studying and I gave him a blessing with our district leader (Elder Foster) so that he would be able to have the energy and drive to work everyday of his mission. The spirit was so strong at that moment and he tells me everyday what a blessing it has been for him to have the will to never want to stop working anymore. Crazy how many experiences you can get in 1 week!

   This week has been overall so exhausting and overwhelming. But besides that it has been amazing! I know the language will come and spirit has been here since i arrived. I love you all and todo bien! (All is well)

Much love,
  Elder Clark

PS: The coolest Elders are the ones that get the most packages(Just Saying)

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