Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's the final countdown!

August 27, 2013
   Hmm, I do not have much to update one, just another great, powerful, spiritual week at the MTC. I can’t believe I have less than a week and then I am in the field! I think the most nerve racking part is that I have no clue where I am going to end up. I could miraculously get my visa this week and could go to Brazil! or I could be sent ANYWHERE in the USA. I think I am going to Colorado Springs... dunno why, I just got that feeling. Everyone else thinks I am going to go to Texas, I wouldn't mind that for the fall. All I know is that no matter where I go I am getting off the plane running and ready to work. I AM SO EXCITED!

   I am so excited to hear about Derek and his new calling. He will be such a fantastic Bishop! That is a lucky Ward. (Sam's cousins husband was just called to be the Bishop of their Ward, the ecclesiastical leader of their congregation)

   So my favorite part of the day is quickly becoming the hour we get for personal study each day. I learn so much by reading the scriptures. I have had more personal revaluations and ah'a moments by just studying the words in the Book of Mormon. I absolutely love reading the stories of the prophets and the people and realizing that they are written specifically for us. There are times that I feel like Moroni is talking directly to me, and I can imagine so vividly what is going on at that moment. I understand the words so much better here and feel the spirit each time I open the book, willing and ready to learn all the The Lord is willing to teach. It always makes me realize how much I STILL do not know. It amazes me that I have living in this gospel all my life but I still have so much to learn. 

   Sunday was really good this week for so many different reasons, but the part of the day that was the best was watching a talk Elder Bednar gave to the missionaries at the MTC on Christmas morning, called "Character of Christ."
It was so inspirational and I learned a lot from his words. He explained what it takes to become more like Christ and it all really comes down to turning your love out towards others when the natural man wants to quit and only help himself. Christ was the perfect example of that, especially as he suffered during the atonement. Then he healed the soldier’s ear, the same soldier that was taking him away to have him killed, that was unbelievable charity! Especially after he just suffered for ALL our sins. And then when he was on the cross, he is first concerned for his Mother and then he asked the Lord to forgive the people who put him up on the cross! That is the perfect example of turning outwards with love when the natural man wants to fall. Only Christ can show that kind of love and all we can do is try as hard as we can to be like him every day. "I WILL GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE IN MY HEART"- Og Mandino (Thank you dad)

  So I have been looking for Sister Moyes everyday but I have yet to see her. It is nuts how big this place is! I hope I see her before I leave. I did however see a face that I recognized but I couldn't quite place it... Then it hit me. The elder was on the Disney Cruise with us! He is the super blonde kid that hung with the teens. What are the odds of that?! It was so random, the chance of us going on a cruise at the same time and then to the MTC at the same time is soo random. Pretty cool though.

  So, two great things have happened this week. My district and I discovered the game of KOOB, and we also discovered the pillow room. Yes, a room of pillows. First lemme tell you about the game. It is a Viking game that we can play at gym time out on the field, the concept of the game is basically throw wooden cylinders at shorter fatter wooden cylinders on the ground. It is so fun, and with the Elders in my district we get so competitive with it. It is played by teams and we have yet to finish an actual complete game cause we suck. But we like pretending like we are manly Vikings throwing wood at... wood. Trust me, it is fun! Now for the pillow room discovery... it actually wasn't the pillow room when we found it. It is the old bookstore that been abandoned in the basement of the old main building. They still use the other floors for class but the basement just has a computer lab and this huge empty room. We would go down there to study because it was cold and really quite. One day we all went down there and we couldn't believe the blessing we received! Hundreds of pillows were stacked up in the corner of the room. Of course we all were responsible and went straight to our spots to study........ OK that was a lie. We all looked at each other, dropped our stuff and ran and jumped in the fluffy pile of heaven. When you jump into, you just vanish because you get engulfed by them. So much fun! Since then, every day more and more pillows arrive. Now the entire room is full of literally thousands of pillows. We don't have much time to hang out there anymore but some times during transition time we will "check" to make sure the pillows are still there and in working order. 
Pillow Room - Elder Clark is not in this picture...unless he is lost in the giant pile of pillows!

   Well that is all I really got, next time we we will all know where I am headed! I will keep you updated! Eu amo voces!

- Elder Clark
Alma 26:12-  "... Com Sua força posso fazer todos os coisas..." 
  in his [God’s] strength I can do all things

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