Sunday, March 22, 2015

Goodbye to a Good Friend.

 February 23, 2015

This week was CRAZY! I traveled a whole lot and we had a baptism!! Thursday we had a zone meeting that left everyone really excited. The Sunday before we had a meeting with the District president who is new and ready to work! We had a meeting with our zone on how we can help this district grow into a stake! To get to that point the missionaries have to work, and I mean work. But our meeting with the missionaries went really well and everyone was ready and eager to get started! We hope that in 2 years, we will hear of the Formosa Stake! We had the meeting in another city that is in Goias, another state, because there is the center of everything! The only Problem is that is more than an hour away and the buses there aren’t very reliable!

Remember a city called Cabeceiras? The next day, Friday we had to head over there to do some interviews and boy was that a long day. We spent about 10 hours traveling and 2 hours in the city, but it is amazing there. All the members are super excited. Because before it was just a “Group” of members, but 2 weeks ago they turned into a Branch, an actual organization! (A Branch is a small congregation) Everyone there is super excited and they are working really hard and growing!

As for our area, we worked and worked and this week it really paid off! We have been working with a family that was less active but now they are getting ready to go seal in the temple for forever! I met them my first week in Planaltina and they have become great friends. We had a visit with them the other day and it was very spiritual. They told us of how they felt lost and alone, but now they are participating in all the activities of the church and that hole they had in their life is being filled again. I love this gospel and the opportunities we have to help people every day, missionaries or members!

We had the baptism of Adrielly this Sunday and boy was it a challenge! She lives with her Aunt and Uncle and we assumed that they have legal custody of her... but we were wrong. Her dad, who lives far away from Planaltina is her legal guardian. We didn't find this out until 7 o clock Saturday night...... and of course lots of things happened to make it almost impossible to have her baptism the next day. but long story short... we got a hold of him, explained who we are and why we need his permission... with the help of a member we traveled an hour to find him at his work... which he is a security guard at the central bank. We couldn't find him when we got there so we started wandering around this huge building. That didn't go well with the other guards. Finally we found him, got his signature and the next day had a wonderful baptismal service. Adrielly is so strong and has a real special spirit about her. She is already planning on going to the temple and loves learning more about the gospel. She is already friends with almost everyone at church and she is going to help the missionaries help her family learn more about the church. 

Planaltina was a HARD area, one that beat me down, twisted me around and kicked me a few times, but I loved it there. I loved working there and the people there and even the wild dogs. I am super sad to say that I have left Planaltina and I am now serving as the zone leader of the Ceilandia zona. I am in a city called Brazlandia with a new companion, Elder Dobner. I am very excited to be here and to continue my work, but I will miss Planaltina dearly and will pray that the missionaries there continue to work and take care of my good friend Planaltina.

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