Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rain, Mud, and Missionary Work

March 16, 2015
Current Companion
                This week we saw rain like Brasilia has never seen rain before. For 4 days straight, it just rained and rained and rained. It got to the point that our house started to leak! We got used to walking with wet feet and trudging through the roads that had turned into rivers. The rain made the work a little harder but we were still able to teach and find people. Brazlandia is super good. The members here are great too; they are willing and ready to help. The best part is we are starting to do more service projects! That is something that I was missing a lot in the other areas. But, the members here aren’t afraid to put us to work!
We are teaching and teaching lots of people here but the thing is that they are not progressing very well. It’s so crazy how much you practice and plan for people and then you get there and they barely pay attention! haha Our biggest problem here is that while we are finding lots of families to teach, no one is married! The process to get married here is 30 to 90 days! We are working with some couples to get married!
We have one couple that is really special. We found them Saturday night and the next day they were in church!! When we sat down to teach them, the first thing she asked is ``if there is only one god, why are there so many churches? How can we know which one is the true church?" HOLY COW! Our message is the exact answer for that, the Lord truly prepares people.
                This week we had our Mission Leadership Counsel. It was great! It is always great to hear from President! It took almost 4 hours to get home because the buses were on strike and we had to wait at the bus station for almost 2 hours. What would the life of a missionary with a car be like? Haha!
Former Companions - All Zone Leaders 
                Life is good and we are just working. We have to work harder and harder because the enemy is working harder and harder against us. We had one family that was progressing ALOT and this week they dropped us out of nowhere. It was a heart breaker but we will continue to try and help them. The enemy is strong but will never win. I love the mission for everything that happens that helps ME, shapes ME, and betters ME. I know that when I am better, I can better help those around me.

Love you all!

Elder Clark

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