Sunday, March 22, 2015

History Made.

March 2, 2015

Elder Clark

Brazlandia is completely different from Planaltina.. We taught almost 30 lessons this week and that was with knowing nothing about the area, because my companions and I arrived here at the same time. But the people here are very receptive and always open their doors for us.. They may not be super interested in the church but at least we are giving them a chance and we are teaching!!! It’s amazing and a complete 180 for me. haha The work is still hard but it is so much better when people actually listen to you.

We have some investigators that are so good! I hope that we will have a wedding and baptisms of families in the weeks to come. My companion is a great teacher. He was baptized 3 years ago and has about a year on the mission. He has a great testimony and we have already had great experiences in our first week together. I hope that we can continue with what we have started!

I had the great opportunity of witnessing history of the church this week. There is a city that is about an hour from here that literally is in the middle of nowhere called Sao Bernardo. This city has never had missionaries but has 2 families that live there that are members. They started a group there 2 weeks ago and this week we went there to help the group of members and do a baptism. An elderly man there was baptized in a river close to the city. Why is this cool? Well, first it’s a baptism (!) and second, it’s the first baptism of that city in the history of the church! The church is growing and history is being made!! It was such a tender thing to witness and after talking with the members, they are SO excited and have said that they already know families that are interested in the church. President is planning on putting missionaries there in about 3 weeks. When they get there I know that the work will explode!

Life is good and I am loving my new home, it’s a little city but the people here have big hearts. Sorry but I don’t have much time to write! I love you all and I’m sending my prayers your way!

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