Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time Flies

March 23, 2015

Car Selfie
This week was crazy. First of all it was super hard because we had to stop visiting a lot of people because they just were not wanting to progress. They liked our visits but just were not willing to do more than visit with us. It did help that it just continued to rain ALL week and this time it was cold rain, nothing compared to what is happening back home, but it was cold for me.

This week passed by so fast and I just can’t help but feel that I don’t have much more time. The time is flying so fast past me and I just can’t get ahold of it! We are working so hard but I think we just have to work a little bit harder to get the results that we are hoping for. But as always, the Lord is changing and shaping me. I just hope I can take in everything that he is trying to teach me.

We found a super special family this week that I am hoping and praying will progress. The mom has had questions for a long time about what church is the true church. She loved our message and said that she really needs to search for herself! She has 5 kids and a husband that all seem super promising!

We spent all day in Padre Bernardo yesterday, a city that is about an hour by car from Braslandia. That place is super special and missionaries should arrive there this week. They will be the first missionaries ever there. The Lord has prepared so many people there. Yesterday made me super excited to see how it turns out there.

So today went by very fast, we had our actividade da zona (zone activity) today and we don’t have much time to write our emails. Sorry to anyone that I did not respond to this week too!

But, I love you all and thanks for everything!

Elder Clark

Christmas in March
(The package just arrived.)

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