Thursday, March 26, 2015

In a Blink of an Eye...

March 9, 2015

My companion and I put all of this tile here!
This week flew by unbelievable fast. The work here is super-fast too. The thing about this area that we are learning is that people accept our message and let us come into their homes, but they pretty much only will do that. They are willing to listen to our message but they aren’t willing to do the things they need to do. They just like to hear the good word of God and do not really understand the importance of our message. I am not complaining because we are teaching and the days are full of appointments but it makes the work hard to keep up because in one week we will find lots and lots of people to teach, and in that same week we stop teaching them too because they have no desire! But, it’s always a process and we are having a lot of spiritual lessons.

Elder Dobner and I teach really well together. We are able to knock on doors, walk into a home and teach the first lesson in about 10 minutes if we need to. It’s been really great to teach with him. Our normal message is about 30 min on the dot from the time we walk in to when we leave. The best part is that we don’t seem like robots, because that’s one of the things that I worry about a whole lot.

We travel a lot here too. This area is super far from all the other areas in our zone. Our zone is basically the city of Ceilandia (which is the biggest city in DF) and our city that’s about an hour away. So for all our meetings and interviews, we travel for a long time.

I got super sick for the first time on my mission. I am still recovering with a small cough. I don’t even know what I had, but its passing and I am able to work normal again!

We found a super sweet couple that we are super excited about. They are so ready for the gospel! The only thing is that they need to get married and the process here in Brazil takes forever! Almost more than a month! But, good thing comes to those who wait!

I love the work and I love my Savior!
Until next week,

Elder Clark

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